Recovery for Alcoholic Women At No Cost

Helping women find HOPE in sobriety

Recovery for Alcoholic Women At No Cost


Our Vision

The vision of The Magdalen House is to create and build a community of recovered women and their families – one woman at a time.

We are an agency consisting of a group of dedicated professionals and recovered individuals with a commitment to create no-cost, accessible and effective programming to help alcoholic women and their families obtain long term, sustainable recovery.

The result is an innovative recovery community.

About Us

The Magdalen House is not treatment. We are a supportive-educational environment rather than a clinical or medical program. Because we serve people who already know they have “the problem”, we don’t directly provide assessment or clinical counseling services. We do, however, provide an intensive orientation to the solution of recovery embodied in the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.


Located in East Dallas since 1987, The Magdalen House has played a role in changing the lives of thousands of women and their families in North Texas. Our facility is the first and continues to be the only one of its kind in the area to provide this critical service to the community.


Women Only

Unique programming for women in recovery facing different obstacles than men, no comparable facility in North Texas

No Cost

Women come to us with depleted resources, no insurance, no hope

Peer Implemented Programming

Keeps operating costs low while leveraging community collaboration for increased impact

Comprehensive Programming

Open class and meeting format for all women in recovery, transitional and supportive programs that is unique to Maggie’s

Board of Directors

Kay Colbert


Sarah Beahan


Harriet Shaw


Jamie Walters

Capital Campaign

Tina Shuey


Kelly Grindinger


Susan Larkin


James (JD) Dollins


Jeff Ault

Member at Large

2017 Staff

Lisa Kroencke

Executive Director

Ainsley David

Director of Recovery Community

Rachel Zadnik

Director of Development and Outreach

Susie Floyd

Business Administrator

Laura Sheppard

Development Coordinator

Mary Shuford

Project Manager

2017 Advisory Council Members

Robin Bagwell
Lindsay Billingsley
Cindy Brewer
Jim Epperson

Nancy Gottsacker
Alyson Griffith
Beverly Levy
Tom McElroy

Lindsey Miller
Nancy T. Montgomery
Kathleen Powell
Myers Raymer

Kristy Hoglund Robinson
Robert Rowling, Jr.
Kathi Shuford

“We believe that if we provide no-cost programming in a safe and supportive environment, accurate information about the problem and the solution, and a solid bridge to service through helping others, women will recover.”

Lisa KroenckeExecutive Director

“Maggie’s accepted me when no one else would. I was at the lowest bottom of my life. I was walking dead – I truly appreciate the love I received at Maggie’s. It has been all up from there. Thank you Maggie’s!”


“Maggie’s gave me the first real acceptance as an alcoholic through love, compassion and direction. They gave me hope.”


“Without Maggie's, I would not be the sober, happy and healthy girl I am today.”


“Today, by the Grace of a very loving God, so very, very much has changed. I have been reunited with family and have the privilege and the responsibilities of being a mother! I have the honor to work with other women who, like me, lost so much to this disease. I have a great job and...I'm free!”

40% of Maggie’s volunteers are alumni – 35% of volunteer hours are from alumni – 47% of alumni volunteer within the first month
For every 1 alcoholic, 17 people are effected, specifically immediate family and close friends. Established in 2014, the program offers weekly meetings for family members of those suffering from alcoholism.
In 2015, 350 active volunteers donated over 12,000 hours for house needs. Over 6,400 women in the recovery community attended 1,300 meetings. 69% increase in volunteer hours over 2014.
Maggie’s has established a collaborative program with Dallas Volunteer now providing court-mandated community service opportunities. In 2015, 185 volunteers in our program donated over 1,825 hours.