Recovery for Alcoholic Women At No Cost

Helping women find HOPE in sobriety

Recovery for Alcoholic Women At No Cost


Social Detox Program

The Social Detox Program serves as a non-clinical, mutual help approach to the problem of alcohol dependency. This supportive, educational setting is grounded in the spiritual principles of AA. By providing a safe and supportive environment to study and practice these principles, Maggie’s opens the door to a life of contented sobriety.


Our NO COST program assists women with drinking problems regardless of their physical disabilities, religious affiliations or ethnic backgrounds. We accept residents on a “first come, first served” basis. The primary addiction must be alcohol. Potential applicants may call between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm at 214-324-9261 or send an e-mail to:


  • No Cost, 14 day,  social detox for women who have a problem with alcohol.
  • 14 beds available on a first-come, first-serve basis through qualified phone screening process with fully trained staff on duty.
  • Curriculum is based on 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous – simple, spiritual solution. Includes 12-step meetings, Alcoholics Anonymous Book Studies, educational presentations, daily chores promoting teamwork and community responsibility, daily interaction with a community of recovered alcoholic women volunteers.
  • After completing the Detox Program, clients are immediately transitioned into the Alumni program which offers continued support designed to engage and sustain long term, sustainable recovery.

Family Support Program

We understand how desperate family members are to help their loved one. The Magdalen House Family Support Program gives families and friends of alcoholics tools to effectively support their loved one in the face of the confusion and chaos of alcoholism. If you have a loved one struggling with alcohol, we can educate you and support you in ways that really help. Alcoholism is a disease that affects the entire family. Our Family Support Program allows family members and friends to become part of the solution. It is a family problem that requires a family solution.

Call Ainsley David at 214.324.9261 for more information


12-Steps Everyday

Maggie’s has several 12-step meetings a day at the House provided by the volunteer community.
To ensure that we always maintain a safe and supportive environment for our clients in early recovery, we have formalized our Code of Conduct for meetings.


10:00am: Maggie’s Women’s Meeting
12:00pm: Women’s Step Study
2:30pm: Women’s Big Book Study
6:30pm: Magnolia Women’s Group Meeting
8:00pm: Alumni Chair 12-Step Women’s Meeting

7:00pm: First Monday night of every month is Birthday Night


10:00am: Alumni Step Study
12:00pm: Women’s Step Study
2:30pm: Women’s Big Book Study
8:00pm: Women’s AA Meeting


10:00am: Introduction to Sponsorship & Big Book Q & A
12:00pm: Women’s Step Study
2:30pm: Women’s Big Book Study
6:30pm: Family Support Meeting
8:00pm: AA Meeting


10:00am: Alumni Speaker Meeting
12:00pm: Women’s Step Study
2:30pm: Women’s Big Book Study
8:00pm: AA Meeting


10:00am: Yoga
12:00pm: Women’s Step Study
2:30pm: Women’s Big Book Study
8:00pm: AA Speaker Meeting


10:00am: Yoga
12:00pm: Women’s Step Study
2:30pm: Women’s Big Book Study
8:00pm: AA Meeting


11:00am: Women’s Speaker meeting
6:00pm: AA Meeting

We believe that if we provide no-cost programming in a safe and supportive environment, accurate information about the problem and the solution, and a solid bridge to service through helping others, women will recover.

Lisa KroenckeExecutive Director

"I am truly a grateful alcoholic and without The Magdalen House I wouldn’t be alive, and I am forever indebted to this organization."

Jenny, Alum

The Magdalen House serves so many with dignity and grace.

John, Donor

Maggie’s accepted me when no one else would. I was at the lowest bottom of my life. I was walking dead – I truly appreciate the love I received at Maggie’s. It has been all up from there. Thank you Maggie’s!


"I feel like I have a whole new purpose now after coming through Maggie's House. There is no other place like it."

Sara, Alum

Maggie’s gave me the first real acceptance as an alcoholic through love, compassion and direction. They gave me hope.


Without Maggie's, I would not be the sober, happy and healthy girl I am today.


Today, by the Grace of a very loving God, so very, very much has changed. I have been reunited with family and have the privilege and the responsibilities of being a mother! I have the honor to work with other women who, like me, lost so much to this disease. I have a great job and...I'm free!

40% of Maggie’s volunteers are alumni – 35% of volunteer hours are from alumni – 47% of alumni volunteer within the first month
For every 1 alcoholic, 17 people are effected, specifically immediate family and close friends. Established in 2014, the program offers weekly meetings for family members of those suffering from alcoholism.
In 2015, 350 active volunteers donated over 12,000 hours for house needs. Over 6,400 women in the recovery community attended 1,300 meetings. 69% increase in volunteer hours over 2014.
Maggie’s has established a collaborative program with Dallas Volunteer now providing court-mandated community service opportunities. In 2016, 12 volunteers in our program donated over 437 hours.