Recovery for Alcoholic Women At No Cost

Helping women find HOPE in sobriety

Recovery for Alcoholic Women At No Cost


Community Volunteer Program

Provides service and volunteer opportunities for the local recovery community and the Dallas/Ft. Worth community as a whole. Our budget is sustainable because of our active, dedicated volunteers – YOU are the reason why our community is thriving.


Magnolia Women's Group

Upon completion of the Social Detox Program, clients transition into the Magnolia Women’s Group. The Magnolia Women’s Group provides continuity of services which builds a foundation for permanent, sustainable recovery. The alumni meetings are OPEN to all women in the DFW recovery community, not just alumnae.


Family Support Program

Established in 2012, it is one of our fastest growing programs. Meets weekly at 6:30 on Wednesdays to support families and friends of alcoholics. Our family support meetings are open to anyone with a friend or loved one suffering from alcoholism – come get hope from family and friends who have had the same experiences.

Magnolia Award

In honor of our 25th Anniversary we created The Magnolia Award.

The Magdalen House Magnolia Award was created to recognize the wonderful legacy of service displayed everyday at the Magdalen House.

We chose the Magnolia because it is a symbol of perseverance, dignity and the ability to endure hardships and rise above them. We selected the inverted triangle because it represents the concept that as we grow our responsibility and privilege to serve also grows.

If you know someone who deserves recognition for service to the house please see any Board Member for a nomination form.

Magnolia Award Recipients

  • Mike Boeding
  • Yvette Wheeler
  • Jason Smith
  • Cindy Murphy
  • Sarah Beahan
  • Dave Kroencke
  • Lauren McElroy
  • Matt Dougherty
  • Emmie Pettit
  • Robin Laser
  • Paul Tate
  • Lisa Ashcraft
  • Ainsley David
  • Ryan Griffith
  • Dr. Niyatee Samudra
  • Laurie Lee Evans
  • Wes Rowden
  • Diane Brooks
  • Michele Brown
  • Catherine Adcock
  • JD Dollins
  • Patrick Fly
  • Katie Whitfield
  • Pat Hill
  • Maggie Howard
  • Rachele Walters
  • Tina Shuey
  • Margo Cummings
  • Curt Smith
  • Jerry Gilberston
  • Cindy Lollar
  • Kay Colbert
  • Margaret Hastings
  • Susan Mitchell
  • Allison Hinkle
  • Michelle McFarland
  • Daniel McIntire
  • Chuck Sannidge
  • Terri Turner
  • Gloria Smalley
  • Haley Brasher
  • Jennifer Blackley
  • David Haughey
  • Cara Thompson
  • Michele Derrington
  • Natalie Rudloff
  • Danielle Kincaid
  • Marie Vestal Cox
  • Lisa Kroencke
  • Bernie Calandra
  • Lisa Jenneman
  • Jane Hook
  • Ashley Romero
  • Sheronda Medlock
  • Jamie Hill
  • Cindy Holloway
  • Kelly Grindinger
  • Shelly Northway
  • Bobby Boggs
  • Steven Symons
  • Brian McMahon
  • Lee Libby
  • Rose Marie Grissom
  • Dana Robertson
  • John Diggins
  • Marcella Meraz
  • Sara Stevens
  • Judy Cogan

We believe that if we provide no-cost programming in a safe and supportive environment, accurate information about the problem and the solution, and a solid bridge to service through helping others, women will recover.

Lisa KroenckeExecutive Director

"I am truly a grateful alcoholic and without The Magdalen House I wouldn’t be alive, and I am forever indebted to this organization."

Jenny, Alum

The Magdalen House serves so many with dignity and grace.

John, Donor

Maggie’s accepted me when no one else would. I was at the lowest bottom of my life. I was walking dead – I truly appreciate the love I received at Maggie’s. It has been all up from there. Thank you Maggie’s!


"I feel like I have a whole new purpose now after coming through Maggie's House. There is no other place like it."

Sara, Alum

Maggie’s gave me the first real acceptance as an alcoholic through love, compassion and direction. They gave me hope.


Without Maggie's, I would not be the sober, happy and healthy girl I am today.


Today, by the Grace of a very loving God, so very, very much has changed. I have been reunited with family and have the privilege and the responsibilities of being a mother! I have the honor to work with other women who, like me, lost so much to this disease. I have a great job and...I'm free!

40% of Maggie’s volunteers are alumni – 35% of volunteer hours are from alumni – 47% of alumni volunteer within the first month
For every 1 alcoholic, 17 people are effected, specifically immediate family and close friends. Established in 2014, the program offers weekly meetings for family members of those suffering from alcoholism.
In 2015, 350 active volunteers donated over 12,000 hours for house needs. Over 6,400 women in the recovery community attended 1,300 meetings. 69% increase in volunteer hours over 2014.
Maggie’s has established a collaborative program with Dallas Volunteer now providing court-mandated community service opportunities. In 2016, 12 volunteers in our program donated over 437 hours.